Even more "The Third Birthday"

posted Mar 8, 2016, 6:10 AM by Cassandra Lagunzad
I fired up my PSP a bit more , and gameplay-wise "The Third Birthday" is pretty fun. The time travel/soul jumping element of the game is pretty interesting, but seriously, Aya doesn't act like herself. After waiting this long to play this character again and being pretty sick of the whole Identity Amnesiac Trope, this is pretty disappointing. Also, there are some minor control decisions that really gall me. For example, when you run out of a limited stock weapon weapon like a machine gun, most games will immediately switch to another weapon or allow you to at least defend yourself with melee. Not "The Third Birthday," Aya makes some kind of ridiculous moaning sound as if that is the sound a person makes when they run out of ammo.  The second gameplay complaint is the fact that in order to duck behind something (this lets you avoid some projectile damage Time Crisis-style and regenerate life) you have to stand next to it and hope Aya realizes, "Oh, this is a thing--a think I can duck behind." I think "Uncharted" did the whole duck and cover better, by making it a more active rather than passive action.