Killed Dead Space 2

posted May 23, 2016, 9:44 PM by Daniel Morrison

A little late on the announcement but Dead Space 2 is beaten. It wasn't as good as I remembered Dead Space mainly the atmosphere of the game was lacking compared to the first one. Games suffered from pick-a-gun-and-stick-with-it. DeadSpace 2 primarily gives you ammo for your equipped gun and allows you to upgrade them. The starting pistol will carry you through the game.

The PC version also comes with the weapon DLC so you have most the guns already unlocked from the get go for 1st play through. The game seems to really push for new game plus but i see no reason to play it again. The maps are for the most part linear (except the promo citadel area). Once you know the plot there is no decisions or clever foreshadowing.

Still was a fun play-through but i should have chosen hard since normal ruined the risk of death, with the exception of quick time events. Most of my deaths were the result of not pressing E during cut scenes.

Since the games doesn't exactly have bosses here is a lighter take on Dead Space 2...

YouTube Video