Fan Boy is complete!!!

posted Mar 20, 2016, 6:44 PM by David Huddleston
I finished my Fan Boy selection for this month.  First game beaten was Rayman 2.  Followed by The division and Beyond Good and Evil.

Rayman 2

The game started out fairly easy with some simple platforming and puzzles.  Everything was fine and dandy up until the last few missions.  The difficulty went from o-100 real fast.  I was flying a rocket in a 3D maze and of course the rocket explodes if you bump anything.  If you make it most of the way through and explode you start from the beginning.  I will say it was a great game.  I believe it took me around 6 hours to beat and i would highly recommend this quirky game. 

The Division

This game was surrounded by a lot of hype, but did it live up to the expectation...The beta was filled with hackers and they didn't introduce enough content for people to get a feel for what the game was about.  This game took me about 20h to complete the main story plus some extra side content.  The main story played very well, but it is not a single player game.  We played through every mission on hard which provided a nice challenging play through.  So this game is very much like destiny/boarderlands which are also looter shooters.  It is at a strange point right now.  Once you hit lvl 30 the gear grind starts and the game advertises that the Darkzone (PvP) area has the best loot, but that is just not the case.  This makes the zone pretty pointless.  The best gear is crafted and you just have to farm your daily missions for currency.  I see the player base dropping because they have yet to implement "raids" and content to keep people playing.  It wioll be interesting to see where the game goes if your willing to drop $60 for the game and another $49 for extra content once it comes out.

Beyond Good and Evil

This game was excellent.  Probably a tie with Rayman 2 or maybe slightly better if you like the play style.  Your character is a photographer that joins a rebel group trying to uncover the secrets of the government.  This game was 11h long with only 3 main missions.  This was my last game of the set because i had to dedicate a 4 hour chunk of time every time i attempted a mission.  There are save points, but I don't like loading into a save that is right in the middle of a giant puzzle.  There is a lot of humor and also sadness in this game.  It starts out with a trusty companion that uses rocket boots fueled by farts to attack.  You get all your ship upgrades from Jamaican Rhinos.  Each mission is about finding your way through several puzzles and taking photographs to broadcast to the people of the city.  All in all you end up saving the world with your trusty sidekicks and your camera.  I cant wait for Beyond Good and Evil is coming!!!