Dragon Age: Inquisition

posted Mar 30, 2016, 8:34 PM by Derek Atwater
Dragon Age is one of my favorite RPG titles. It's dark It's bloody it's fast-paced there's tons of dragons.  They have a great take on magic and how it has impacted the world they live in. Also they take on Elfs is new and refreshing.  I can go on and on about this game so im going to try to keep the review short and sweet. 

Hero? Herald of Andraste?  wrong place at the right time? These are they choices you can make while you unravel the story behind your hero and why he/she and do what he/she can do.  I choose to embrace the idea that I was the Makers chosen. I played fairly close to a paladin ( lawful good ) as I could considering the lack of choices it was hard at times.  I also did this is Sword coast legends and had the same issue.

Music  7/10      nothing great  but not bad.

Graphics  9/10 A few bugs that made me feel like they could have worked them out but at the end of the day. 

Game play  11 / 10   Have it your way. do you like fast paced hack and slash? play that way. Would you rather control every signal second  of combat you can do that too. It made easy fights fly by and hard nail bitter fights seem like you had more of a chance than you would had you played H&S

Story 8/10     Yes its a good story and on one had you get what you put into it. At times something i felt like my character would do he didn't do I didn't have the choice to make it happen. 
What I learned from this game.

If you want good things in life some times you have to make them yourself.  The crafting system in this game IS OFF DA HOOK YO.  But really all the gear i found was dog shit compared to what i could make for myself. Until the end when i was using mostly Dragon kill drops.

I saved this game for last in March mostly because I wanted to savor it a bit more than the others I did this month. with all the games I played it was by far the one I had the most fun with.