Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming ( Beat)

posted Mar 24, 2016, 6:33 AM by Derek Atwater
Yet another game I had to take a breather before writing my review on. 

Do you like JRPG? Do you like playing games at hyper speed? Wish you could save the world in under 30 seconds? then this game is for you.
30 min hero is a JRPG with a really funny story and witty dialog. With out getting into to much detail the story is you are the descendant of the hero of time each level you start there is something that is going to end the world in 30 seconds. Luckily for you the money hungry time goddess is here to help you save the day. Yes I'm am saying she is a gold digger. run your self through 75+ levels and you beat the game.

Graphics:  8/10 yes its 2d 8bit but they did a lot with what they were working with.
Gameplay  6/10   I give it a 6 because after the first set of 25 levels this game gets very very repetitive ( yes most games are repetitive but the good ones make it feel not so bad.)

Music / SFX   11/10     Holy crap this game has some sweet sound to it. really what helped me burn through the end. 

Story   6/10  honesty time... I loved this game .. no really I did. well i wanted to love it but this game ended like 500,000 times. It ended so many times I thought I was watching return of the king extended edition. every  time it ended all i could think was Is this really the end or not.

What i learned form this game. 

You can get more done in 30 seconds than you ever thought possible. when playing i had about 5 seconds left and the options were turn back time or run out and try to cut it a bit closer. most times i would run out get to greedy and have to start all over.