Sword Coast Legends Beat

posted Mar 14, 2016, 7:40 PM by Derek Atwater   [ updated Mar 14, 2016, 7:41 PM ]
I had to take some time before I did my review on this game. I am still salty about the no dragon "kill" but I cant let that hold me back from enjoying this game.

SCL is a top view 5E D&D based RPG. I guess I will start with my gripes. I will note that I LOVE D&D!!!!!!!!!

Unlike other D&D games SCL went with a cool down system. rather than you only have so many spell slots.  this kinda takes something away from the game as a whole I think. Rather than having a spell shoot off and start thinking oh man they are so dead its more just another attack that isn't very scary at all.  The magic seems very meh.  Some spells that in 5e that are really sweet are just flat out booty. Cloud of Daggers comes to mind. in 5e this spell is bad news for anyone its cast on not so much in SCL. Rogues are over powered as hell.(not sure this is a gripe but it needed to be said.)

What I enjoyed. 
I really enjoyed the game as a whole. The story was compelling. The characters had depth.  The monster were challenging. Cities and towns had a good solid feel to them.

 Music  7/10  I didn't hate it but on the other hand I didn't find myself humming it through out the day either.
Graphics 10/10  I didn't have one  glitch or hiccup the entire game. the game had an over all good feel to it. 
Game play 8/10  fast and some times a bit to fast for what the game is. 
Story 10/10 its a classic D&D type story so I ate it up. 

What I learned from this game.

All Dwarf Cites more or less look like Ironforge.  I mean really come on can we get some another look for a city may look like? Molten lava OOOOO big ass anvils that are always working gears that are grinding for no reason.