Mushihimesama finished

posted Mar 10, 2016, 9:13 PM by Lester Bloom   [ updated Mar 10, 2016, 9:14 PM ]
I finished Mushihimesama, but probably only because it was part of my rotation. I was pretty disappointed with this one. It's a bullet hell vertical shooter from Cave. They are known to make pretty good shooters. To be fair, they only followed the tropes of most bullet hells, and maybe I shouldn't blame them so much. Some of my complaints:

The 1 pixel collision box. A lot of bullet hells do this. I understand that it's a very easy way for the devs to fill the screen full of bullets and then say that it's still completable. The thing I don't like is that I don't feel like I am surviving out of skill, but rather luck. There were plenty of times when I should have been dead, but just got lucky.

Infinite continues. WTF? This removed any difficulty from the game what so ever. It's not like I chose easy mode or anything either. Part of me was thinking "maybe I should just restart after 3 continues", but at the same time .. that is the game they made =/

The story. I didn't even know there was a story until I defeated the last boss. That was literally the first time I heard about the story and it's characters. Oh well. This wasn't that big of a deal; more of a surprise and laugh.

Crap port. The game is actually being ran in some vm emulator. The first main screen let's you pick from a bunch of game modes and options. These menu sequences are full screened and use the full aspect ratio. Then you press start, and you are taken to the second main screen. This second main screen is the actual game. It's all contained in a 2x3ish aspect ratio portion of the screen (as you can see in the video). The whole experience feels jarring and like a hack.

Oh well. They can't all be winners. Here is the final boss and ending sequence. Sorry about the oddly sized game window. I was actually playing on my steamOS machine streaming from my main pc; this must be some strange side effect of that.