Phoenix Force

posted Mar 23, 2016, 9:03 PM by Lester Bloom
I finished Phoenix Force, and I was very pleasantly surprised with it. I didn't expect a whole lot. It's a pretty low budget game, and I got it for a buck or so on a steam sale. It's a bullet hell, boss battle shooter. You fly a bird instead of a ship, and you fight typical fantasy type of enemies (skeletons, floating eyes, harpies, mummies, etc). The game starts you off against a single enemy, but by the time you reach the end you are going up against 4 super versions at a time. You get xp as you play, and can increase your power by leveling up. The leveling system doesn't seem to really impact the difficulty curve, but it provides some nice moments as you are playing. Your bird is always auto shooting, and your movement is tied to your mouse position. If you move the cursor too fast then there is a bit of lag as your bird tries to catch up; basically the bird as a speed cap. I love the movement system. It really lets me slip through a narrow stream of bullets. Your bird has a pretty small hit box (as is typical for bullet hells), but it's not so extreme that it bothers me. It's 1-hit death and only 1 life per level, and so you really need that precise dodging. There are 100 levels total to finish the "story" mode.

Here is a video of the level that gave me the most challenge.

And here is a video of the final level.