A New Piece of Hardware - My Thoughts

posted Jun 10, 2016, 11:51 AM by Nathan Ingram
    So last weekend was my b-day, I had many things on my wishlist of goodies that I was hoping to get. Throughout the week coming up to my birthday, Katrina would give me a gift here or there. I got some real goodies, some potato heads to add to my collection, a hyperkin procube controller for the wii-u. She got me a lot of cool things but my last gift that I got was my favorite. It's been something I've wanted to try for awhile but was nervous to get myself. On birthday, Katrina got me a steam controller. Now up to this point my pc controller has been the xbox 360 controller for pc. It's a good controller, use it pretty much for beat 'em ups, adventure games, platformers and such. When the steam controller was coming out the idea was a controller that is just as good as using a mouse. I was very skeptical of this annoucement, i've played FPS's on my computer for years and when I had to use a controller on a console I was always the one that just wished I had a mouse and keyboard. So I get the steam controller and I had also recently picked up Hard Reset Redux. For those who don't know Hard Reset is kind of a Doom/Wolfenstein-esque kind of shooter where you have alot of enemies and you just shoot them in the face . . . or whatever the equivalent is for a robot.  But the redux portion is that the game is more polished looking, its got added enemies and it adds a sword to it which is supposed to be like another Flying Wild Hog Developed game, the Shadow Warrior remake (haven't played it but after enjoying Hard Reset so much, i'm planning on picking it up). Anyways I decided i'm going to try this game with my steam controller. Got the controller on in big picture mode, started the game up and . . . it was horrible the default controls were shit and It wasn't fun at all. At this point I was very saddened by how my experience was going with the steam controller. Don't worry this isn't the end of the my thoughts on the steam controller, there is more to the story so don't close out of your web browser quite yet.

    So I opened the steam hub, I see a spot for controller configuration. I go to look how you configure the controller and to be honest, I was overwhelmed with how to configure this controller. Sure, if I spent some more time with it, it would have been fine. But you open up the config and there's a keyboard and you set each button or direction on the pad to a key from the game and I didn't know what most of the different keyboard keys were when starting the game so I was once again feeling this controller may have been a waste of money (though I would never tell Katrina that). So i'm still in the config and I notice there's an option for browse configurations. I decide to click it and this is where the steam controller shines. When you click this it goes a menu, it starts with recommended controls which are shit. Then there's the glorius community template, and it's beautiful. It's different control set ups that other people use for the game your wishing you could play the right way. What makes it easier is everytime someone uses someone else's control template, it keeps track of this so if 2,000 people are using template A and 700 are using template B it sorts these templates from highest amounts of users to lowest. So I click the top one, it's got the most people using it, it must be good. I don't even look at the controls I just jump into the game and start playing. HOLY SHIT, does this option make the steam controller the best controller out there. To double up on the holy shitness, imagine my suprise when I go to zoom in on my gun and all of a sudden it uses the motion controls of the controller to move my aim. So not only does this game have that good kind of comfort of using a controller but those motion controls add the nice precisness of aiming that I could get with a mouse. Now i'm not saying this works for every game. I've tried this controller with some 3rd person shooters and it ran like ass. I tried division and deus ex: human revolution and the controls just didn't feel right with the steam controller. There will always be an arguement of keyboard/mouse versus controller for games, But I really do believe from my experience using the steam controller it is closing that gap.  To end the article i do want to say sorry for not really participating very much in the NFGL this season. I love the idea of the NFGL very much and I don't know if it's the timing this year or what. I've been doing a lot of house work, and when I do play games, I enjoy taking the time to play with my friends so it's usually division or smite. Hoping of more NFGL seasons in the future, maybe winter sports kind of idea but I don't run it, i'm lazily participating in it.
P.S. This is a long article for me and I'm not rereading through this shit for typos, profreading and what not so . . . yeah, thanks for reading