What's Been Going On With Nathan Ingram This Month?

posted Mar 14, 2016, 1:05 PM by Nathan Ingram
So some of you may have noticed that since my line-up announcement I haven't made any post, whether that be a review or just putting down how my games are going so far. To start off this month has been rough. When the month first started I couldn't pick which game to start, I knew I wanted to start off with the fan boy seas on set games. So for set it came down to Chocobo's Dungeon 2, Brave Fencer Musashi, and FF Mystic Quest. I couldn't decide, I've played Brave Fencer Musashi and FF Mystic Quest when i was younger but never beat them. Because I couldn't decide, I decided to do the logical thing . . . I let Katrina decide, and of course she picked the one with the cute chocobo on the front, I was okay with this choice since I had NEVER played this game even though i've owned it for 10+ years. I popped it in, I got through the beginning naming my Mog Chocobo and my Chocobo Mog. The game was going pretty well . . . then it got repetative. It's a rogue-lite kind of game where you go down floors in a dungeon but you can't go up, either you find an item that warps you out, or you die, either way when you go back to the dungeon you start back at level 1. When the game started I was really enjoying it, then it just go boring. Don't get me wrong I love to rogue-like game (Risk of Rain, Magicite, etc. . . ) but I couldn't finish this game, it was just so boring. So after decided to quit this game ( . . . for now) I recently went to a new game shop we have in Toledo called Game Over. I've been there a couple times picking up some retro games (Shining Force 2, Beyond Oasis, Star Wars Arcade and Doom for the 32x) and now i've really started the itch for some retro games. Since picking those games up i've really been wanting to build my genesis collection. I've picked up a few more games on amazon (vectorman 1 & 2, Lost Vikings, and Metal Head) but i've decided I can't forget about the NFGL. I've come back this time switching over to Brave Fencer Musashi. So far the game is just as great as I remember it. It's a hell of a lot easier than I remember though. I've decided i'm going to beat this game and planning on beating Mystic Quest this month as well (luckily I have a spring break coming up in a couple of weeks). Once I beat these games though, you can be sure that I will have a full review up of both games once they are beaten.