The 2016 Season has concluded!

posted Aug 14, 2016, 8:47 PM by Sam Bushman   [ updated Aug 17, 2016, 1:14 PM ]
Alrighty guys, this concludes the 2016 NFGL season! This year's champion is John Smith (congratulations sir!). This year's sacko is.....well.......... me I suppose :/

John (who is currently out of the country) get to either name the High Score table, or invent a new season set for next year.
UPDATE: John has chosen to add a new season set.  It is:
There's an app for that: Beat a number of games (on any platform) that have been remade/ported to mobile

As for me, well I'm not sure. At a minimum I must endure the shame of losing at my own league. If I come up with any interesting ideas, I will share them here.

I want to thank you all for participating in this experiment once again this year. 

Some improvements I am looking to make for next year are:
1. Automation of the NFGL site. My outage in late June/early July pretty much brought stuff to a halt.
2. Better integration with Facebook and Twitter.
3. Adjustment of the High Score Challenges. Participation in these was lower than expected. I like the idea of everyone getting to interact over a single game, but I may still try to shift more focus towards people playing their games. I think I will change how points are earned from tables (to encourage folks to fight for any ranking, not just 1st place).
4. Open up participation. I think if we have a large enough population of people regularly participating, activity in the league will remain constant and participation from others will be better encouraged. I think it should be a goal to try and achieve a sort of community equilibrium where some may be less active than others without it being noticeable overall.
5. I think the season sets still need some work. Many of them just don't feel that fun.

Things I liked this year over last year:
1. Better visualization of league progress through the site.
2. When the high score game worked, it was fun to trade tips and challenges between other leaguers.
3. Dan's boss fight montages were pretty great.

For now, I have some other projects to attend to. I will be coming back to the NFGL again some time early 2017 to address the above.

What did you guys think of this year's season?

Once again, thank you all. TTFN, ta ta for now