The NFGL Playoffs have begun!

posted Jul 13, 2016, 12:46 PM by Sam Bushman   [ updated Jul 22, 2016, 8:26 PM ]
So, we are at the last month of this NFGL season. As a slight modification to the rules, I have only included those who are have not explicitly quit and have been active in the NFGL this season. This should keep the playoffs more competitive. The two games on deck for the playoffs are:

Dragon's Lair:
(Highest score in a single play through [No Saving], Game Mode: Arcade, Difficulty: Hard)

Slide Ride Arcade:
(Highest "Total Score" in "I Feel Lucky" mode, Difficulty: Hard)

As a "thank you" to those who have stuck out this season, you will each receive a copy of your playoff title via Steam (either directly through steam or as an email to your provided google account address). As a reminder, those in the top half of points for this season will be competing in the "Champions" competition to be this year's NFGL Champion. Those in the lower half of points will be competing to not be last, and thus identified as the "Sacko". Here is everyone's playoff assignments:

David Huddleston
John Smith
Dan Morrison

Ken Brown
Cassandra Brown
Sam Bushman
Derek Atwater

I will be accepting score submissions through August 13th due to my various outages earlier this month. If you submit a score on August 14th, you will be too late.

Good luck guys!