What is the National Fantasy Game League?

The League is made up of a group of gamers with a large collection of unfinished games. The players interact with each other and play games over the course of a 5 month season (May - September). The goal of the league is to compete to earn the most points through game completion and content creation.

Once a month, each player picks 4 games to play that month. Using these games, players earn points by:

  1. Finishing games (for later application towards claiming “season sets”).

  2. Share game experiences by making reviews, streams, strategy guides, etc.

  3. Placing in the month's high score challenge.

The Fantasy Game League is managed by a Commissioner. The Commissioner is a league participant who is responsible for managing the league (enforcing the rules and rituals, organizing things). Any disputes should be argued with the Commissioner, and he make all final decisions on the matter.

Season Sets

One of the primary ways players earn points is by completing “season sets”. Season sets are a specific combination of games that must be completed (think like “3 of a kind” or “Full House” in Yahtzee). Each set has a point value and may be earned by all players. It is the player’s goal to complete choice games that fit into these sets such that they play games they enjoy and maximize the points earned.

A few sets will be available throughout the season (Completed and Mastered sets), but most will only be available for “completing” for a single month of the season. This means that players may need to complete games and “save” this completion for when a convenient set is available. Having a valuable set available during a month may also change what games a player intends to play.

Share Game Experiences

The other principle way players earn points for the month is by creating sharable content based on the their gaming experience. Each piece of content generated will earn the author 10 points. This content should be readily available to all members of the league (posting on the NFGL site is a convenient way of accomplishing this). Examples of such content include:

  1. Live gaming streams

  2. Critical reviews (videos or written)

  3. Strategy guides

  4. Vlogs

Players may only earn points from a game by either sharing the play experience or adding the game to a season set, not both.

High Score Challenge

Each month, a free game is chosen for the "High Score Challenge". All NFGL participants are eligible to participate in the challenge. The rules are simple, participants play the chosen game over the course of the month. As personal records are achieved, they should be shared on the site (including proof like a video or photo). The Commissioner will aggregate these scores into a high score table. At the end of the month, each player is awarded points based on their position in the high score table. The higher the placing, the more points they will be awarded. Amounts for each placement are noted on the high score table.

League Rituals

Lineup Creation

At the beginning of each month, the commissioner will announce the available season sets and the chosen game for the high score challenge. Players are then given 1 week to decide what 4 games they will put in their lineup. As the lineups are decided, they should be reported to the Commissioner for updating on the NFGL site (the most convenient way is probably via the Player Activity blog). Points will only be awarded for content created and game completions using these 4 games.

Season Set Claiming
At any time during the month, players may claim an active season set. All the player needs to do is contact the Commissioner (or post about it on the site) and include:

  1. The set the player intends to claim.
  2. The finished games they wish to apply to the set.

The Commissioner will update the site with the claim (or reject the claim if the requirements for the set are not met). Points for a completed season set are then applied to the player.

League Update

Over the course of the month players play their games (updating their status), generate content, and comment on the experiences of others. The Commissioner must track all this and collect data for scoring at the end of the month.

At the end of the month (the first day of the next month) point totals and season set claiming is all updated. Like the lineup meeting, these updates will be announced on the site. The itinerary for this update is:

  1. The High Score Challenge winner is declared.

  2. Point totals from content are calculated.

  3. Player point totals are updated.

  4. Lineup Creation for the next month begins.

League Awards

What players earn as a result for winning or losing the season is up to the League itself. Trophies may be made, punishments may be created (the loser for the season may have to wear an embarrassing shirt during the next year’s season’s vlogs for example), or other ideas may be explored. The purpose of these awards should be not to discourage participation, but rather incentivize success and add variety to the League experiences.

Finish Games

There are 3 levels of finishing (based on The Backloggery):

  1. Beaten - A minimal playthrough has been completed. The game’s main narrative has been completed. All the levels made plainly available have been beaten.

  2. Completed - All additional/hidden/extra content has been completed. This includes secret levels/characters, obtaining all collectables, and completing all optional objectives. The game should be considered 100% finished.

  3. Mastered - A competitive speed run or high score has been obtained.

These different levels of finishing will be referenced throughout the system. Games should be strategically finished to work towards fulfilling “season sets”.

Season Set Pool



Point Value


Mastered status in 1 game (Available every month)



Completed status in 3 games (Available every month)



Beaten status in 3 sequential games in a series


Plastic Master

Beaten status in 2 games with peripherals



Beaten status in 2 holiday themed games



Beaten status in 2 games greater than 15 years old


Genre Fan

Beaten status in 3 games of the same genre


The Long Haul

Beaten status in 2 games that take 40 hours or more.


Peer Pressure

Beaten status in 3 games recommended by another NGFL player (these games must be chosen for your lineup by 1 or more other NFGL players)


Pocket Pal

Beaten status on 3 portable games.


Fan Boy

Beaten status on 3 games by the same developer.


Viewer Discretion is Advised

Beaten status on 3 “Mature” rated games (based on ESRB rating).


Titles That Count

Beaten status on 3 games with a number in the title.


This is what it’s like after the world ends.

Beaten status on 3 games whose story is based after 2084.



Beaten status on 3 games where you slay a dragon.


Icing on the Cake

Beaten status on 4 expansion packs/DLC for a game.


Taking the Tour

Beaten status on 6 games, each on a different console.


Triple Crown

Beaten status on 3 sports games, each a different sport with a “season” feature.



Beaten status on 3 remakes.


There's An App For That

Beaten status on 3 games (on any platform) that have been remade/ported to mobile



Beaten status on 3 games who all share a theme defined by the player.